Fête de la Médaille Miraculeuse

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Du 25 novembre au 02 décembre


"The Miraculous Medal"



I am speaking on behalf of all senior students when I say that this day has not only been beneficial to the young ones,but also has helped us as seniors as well.

At first we thought telling a story as rich and as mind-blowing as St Katherine Labouré's journey to sainthood and her devotion to accomplish the task given to her by the Holy Mary, to be a hard task considering the ages of primary students. Thus, in order to create a cooperative learning experience we sought several techniques such as coloring, drawing, singing, putting the events of the story in order, anything really just to attract their attention.

 However, as the presentation and the tasks proceeded, we felt their eagerness to grasp even the slightest details about the miraculous medal. We noticed that they had an ability that we, teens, have maybe lost over the years: listening!

This day has sent these kids home with a silver medal around their necks, with a prayer to say before going to bed and with the thought that hopefully one day they’ll be the ones telling the story.


                                                        Cheryl Sarrouh – 3S-SG