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Education is the most powerful weapon which we have to change the world. BLOM Shabeb program is a comprehensive platform to help the youth of today gets better orientation in planning their future and facilitating their career choice.

The program targets school and university students, helping them step by step to reach their goal i.e. success. That was the reason why our school “Daughter of charity school” decided to give us the opportunity to visit BLOM Shabeb on the 11th of November 2014. Thus grade 12 students LS - GS – SE – LH; went off to live a once in a lifetime.

Arrived at our destination, each one of us got into rooms that matched with their own domain to be provided with the necessary information.                        The majors that BLOM Shabeb informed us about were many: Architecture, accounting, banking and finance, engineering, economy, journalism, sales and marketing, law medicine, photography, psychology, pharmacy, human resources, etc… For each major or domain there was a representative that gave us detailed information and pieces of advice to help us in our future choice.

The presentation was clear and interesting, helping us get empowerment for a better tomorrow. BLOM Shabeb brought to us, the young generation, a wide range of choices, inspiration and support, simply by allowing students to participate and be enlightened about different majors.

In conclusion every experience, no matter what it is good or bad will give us something to learn from, especially when it depends on education, because education is not only the preparation for life, it is life itself. 


                                                                                                Roanna AZAR 3S- ES